Linux Interview Questions 1

  1. How to transfer a file from windows xp to RHEL5(LINUX) with bootable os?....
  2. Write a cron entry for the following scenario:- At 10:30 AM for every Sunday of every 1st month of a quarter.
  3. 1. Why "d" is postfix in almost every service name of Linux like httpd, dhcpd? 2. how to restrict su & ssh services for some users? 3. how can we configure a default gateway for 10 n/w cards in a server?
  4. How to block the message in wall command some students are send messages to all in the lab. please help me
  5. i dont know root password then this situation can we change or break root password to ant process
  6. what is the scope and packages being offered after the linux course completion,i'm really waitin for the answer?
  7. what is the difference between RHEL4 & RHEL5?
  8. How do I get typed command history in vi editor
  9. How do i check which nfs version I am using ????????
  10. How to ""Add"" not replace address to same network card other than the alias way.... ??????
  11. how do i check which package has installed some command suppose ls , mkdir or whatever ???
  12. Through ssh whole directory structure from / is shared regardless the user we have connected with ....... how do i prevent sharing ??
  13. what is the command to make a process to run in the foreground from background?
  14. how to give a normal user reboot and shutdown permission? Plz also mention the step.
  15. what is the difference between service and process?
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