What is the difference between public and private IP

What is the difference between public and private IP?
A public IP address makes your equipment accessible to everyone on the internet and is needed for VoIP or if you want to give others to access to specific equipment on your network. You must therefore be careful to protect your equipment from hackers and viruses and not to allow your equipment to be hi-jacked and used as an open email-relay, for example. A private IP address is for private use within the network and allows many more PCs to be connected. If a customer is using a private IP and later wants VOIP they would need to change to a public IP address. How many IP addresses can I use?Link-Sat provides a set of 8 IP addresses at the time of site activation. Here is the example of how these IP addresses are used: 1st IP is for network assignment (cannot be used)2nd IP is for RCST IP Gateway3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th for your router, PCs etc.8th one is for broadcast (cannot be used)A subnet mask and two DNS IP addresses are also provided for connected PCs.

Public ip are the ip that can be accessed by every one,ie very user has the access to this ip's.e.g yahoo.com,google.com etc are the pubic ip's.
Private ip's are the ip that can not be accessed by every one,ie they are execively owned by an organization,only the user of that organisation has the access to this ip's.
Range of private IP address are
class A to
class B to
class C - (CIDR: 192.168/16)
excluding ips are public ip's.

Private IP address - It is used to hide systems from public internet.
Class A - to
Class B - to
Class C - to
Automatic Private IP Address -
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