Interview quest-1

-Disk Label
can you remind what is the meaning of cXtXdXsX?

An 8 character string typically represents the fully name of aslice (c# t# d# s#)

1)controller:identifieshost bus adapater(HBA) which controls communication between the system and disk unit

2)targernumber:corresponding to a unquie hardware address that is assigned to each disk ,tape or cdrom

3)disk number:
also know as logical unit number (LUN) this number reflects the number of disks as the target number
4)slice number: a slice number range from 0-7

the disk label is the ares set aside for storing information about the disk controller, geometry and slices
another term used to describe a disk label is the volume table of contents(VTOC)

the label dsik means to write slice information on the disk

what is function of sccli ?
Using Certain sccli Commands to Manage a Sun StorEdge 3510 or 3511 Fiber Channel Array

What is the command to do an interactive boot from the ok prompt?
if os is up and runing, take help for man to eeprom command

stop+a command is to boot an interactive boot from the ok prompt

The Interactive Boot Process:

At the ok prompt, type boot -a and press Enter. The boot program prompts you interactively

Consider the following crontab entry: ?59 23 13 * 5 /wipe.disk? What time will this cronjob run?
That means: on Black Friday, your hard drive will get wiped out.

==> (on 13th and Friday) 23:59, /wipe.disk will be running

If the 13'th Day of the month is Friday, the job will run. (week day starts from Sunday day 1).

How can i disable STOP+A utility on SUN machines, which brings system into OK> prompt???.
in /etc/system set abort_enable=0 will disable STOP-A

There are several ways to disable "STOP-A"
(1)Edit the /etc/default/kbd file

(2)Use the "kbd -a disable" command
(3) Edit /etc/system file
set abort_enable = 0

How do we know how many LAN cards we have in server?
Just Type in the following command at prompt#ifconfig -a.That shall give the LAN Cards as well as total Physical and Logical IP Addresses

dmesg - It displays all configured items on systems

# cat /etc/path_to_inst

What is "Piping"?
piping:- sending the output of a command to the input of another is called piping.

some examples are:

$cal | wc

will output total line's,word's and character's

$cal | wc | wc

will output total line's,word's and character's

A unix pipe provides a one-way flow of data.

for example

For example, if a Unix users issues the command
$who | sort |lpr
then the Unix shell would create three processes with two pipes between them:

A pipe can be explicitly created in Unix using the pipe system call. Two file descriptors are returned--fildes[0] and fildes[1], and they are both open for reading and writing. A read from fildes[0] accesses the data written to fildes[1] on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis and a read from fildes[1] accesses the data written to fildes[0] also on a FIFO basis.

When a pipe is used in a Unix command line, the first process is assumed to be writing to stdout and the second is assumed to be reading from stdin. So, it is common practice to assign the pipe write device descriptor to stdout in the first process and assign the pipe read device descriptor to stdin in the second process. This is elaborated below in the discussion of multiple command pipelines.

Where are the templates stored that are copied into the user's home directories for their personal customizations?

Which NFS daemons are found on the NFS server?

In NFS server side there are


These five daemons will be in NFS server.

statd and lockd will be in NFS client too.

What file controls system wide password aging?

What flag used with patchadd will prevent a later back out by preventing patchadd from backing up files? If this flag is used, the patch cannot be removed.
You have to use the option "d" along with th patchadd commnad.

patchadd -d

What file do you put the umask setting in?
The UMASK value for bourne and korn shell users can be modified system wide by editing the "umask" entry in the "/etc/profile" file. To change the default UMASK for the C shell, modify the UMASK variable in "/etc/default/login" file.

When using the admintool, the membership list for groups is separated by what?

Among the applications below, which one is not a client/server application?

What command will display the VTOC for disk c0t0d0s0?
prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0


What file contains the location of the namespace configuration textfiles such as hosts.rev, named.local, etc..?

Which of the following commands can tell you whether packets are being delayed or dropped on your network?
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