How do I install a Linux zone under Solaris 10 and confiure a typical application?.

Here's how you can install a Linux zone and then Adobe Acrobat Reader:-

1. Make sure you have Solaris 10 for X86 Update 4 (or later) installed, as this supports Linux zones.

2. Obtain a distribution copy of CentOS or RedHat ES linux v3.5 to 3.8, and a copy of Adobe Reader v7 for Linux here

3. Install a zone as follows (use the appropriate values for your system):-

# mkdir  -p  /Zones/Linux
chmod 700  /Zones/Linux
zonecfg  -z  linux
linux: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:linux> create  -t  SUNWlx
zonecfg:linux> add net
zonecfg:linux:net> set physical=bfe0
zonecfg:linux:net> set address=
zonecfg:linux:net> end
zonecfg:linux> set zonepath=/Zones/Linux
zonecfg:linux> verify
zonecfg:linux> commit
zonecfg:linux> exit
zoneadm  -z  linux  install

Please insert any supported Linux distribution disc, or a
  supported Linux distribution DVD in the removable media
  drive and press .

4. Continue with installation until it completes, then boot the new linux zone:-
zoneadm  -z  linux  boot

5. Now log in to the new zone:-
zlogin  -C  linux

6. Install the downloaded Adobe Reader.

7. Add a user account and password in the linux zone, e.g. guest
# useradd  guest
# passwd guest
Changing password for user guest.
New UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

8. Now from the global zone, make sure your linux zone has access to your window system (Run "xhost +" in the global zone)
and use, for example,  ssh to run acroread:-
ssh -f  guest@linux  /usr/local/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/bin/acroread
Acroread running in Solaris 10 X86

  • You will have to configure the correct network settings for the linux zone (in particular, update the /etc/hosts file)
  • You will have to make your PDF files available in the new Linux zone.
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