Solaris Containers (Zones)

Zones provide a new isolation primitive for the Solaris OS, which is secure, flexible, scalable and lightweight: virtualized OS services which look like different Solaris instances. Together with the existing Solaris Resource management framework, Solaris Zones forms the basis of Solaris Containers.
The System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers--Resource Management and Solaris Zones describes how to configure, install and administer Zones, along with a wealth of other information about resource management on Solaris.
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Zones Parallel Patching: The zones parallel patching enhancement to the standard Solaris 10 patch utilities increases the patching tools performance on systems with multiple zones by allowing parallel patching of the non-global zones.
This feature, described in the System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers--Resource Management and Solaris Zones, is in the Solaris 10 10/09 release. It is implemented on all previous Solaris 10 releases through the patch utilities patch 119254-66 (SPARC) and 119255-66 (x86) or later revision.
The maximum number of non-global zones to be patched in parallel is set in a new configuration file for patchadd, /etc/patch/pdo.conf. Revision 66 or later of this patch works for all Solaris 10 systems and higher level patch automation tools such as Sun Ops Center.
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