Know about 3G

when mobiles ist came into existence they were referred to as 1G,then after some more elaborate and distinctive features the technology came to be known as 2g,and now with more wonderful features on the list,with a certain full movie download facility it is well said to be 3G.

Tell me more about 3G technology.

3G is the next generation mobile technology offering higher speeds on both uplink (up to 5.7 Mbps) and downlink (up to 28 Mbps). It will enable a host of rich multimedia services such as video calling, video on demand, and provide a richer experience for existing services such as mobile internet, mobile TV and MMS.
3G networks operate on technology called High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSPA). Data is transmitted many times faster than earlier 2G networks. This basically means that in addition to the earlier audio, graphics, and text, you can now send and receive video content too — provided you have a 3G-enabled handset or USB datacard and are in 3G coverage areas.

What is the difference between 3G Mobile broadband and Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a technology used to connect mainly laptops and some mobiles within small areas (typically a few hundred metres max). 3G has a much broader coverage and works also with a broader range of mobile devices. With a Mobile Broadband dongle, you will connected to the internet everywhere there is Reliance 3G coverage (speed varies according to your area, just like Wi-Fi).

Is 3G right for me?

If you travel regularly and pay often for hotel internet, if you are a student and need to do your papers on campus, if you need to work a few hours more and would prefer to do that from home, if you don’t have a landline but would like to be connected to the internet, then this is the best option for you.

What are the features available to me on 3G?

You can do very fast data transfers, make video calls, get video and music streaming, watch live TV, check mail, send instant messages, and fulfill all your internet tasks.

How do I know if I’m in 3G coverage?

If you have a 3G phone, you’ll see a small symbol on your phone. This symbol is usually a small ‘3G’ sign on the upper left corner of your screen. Depending on the handset, it can also appear as ‘3.5G’ or ‘3G+’ if you are in areas with faster speed coverage.

Do I need to get a new number to use 3G?

No. 3G services can be provided on your current number provided you have a 3G handset.

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